Lesson 1: Your Gut Influences Every Aspect Of Your Health

Your Gut Influences every aspect of your health

  • Weight: Your gut microbiome influences the way your food is digested, how vitamins are absorbed from the foods you eat, whether you feel hungry or not, your inflammation levels, your metabolism and ultimately your weight.
  • Hormone balance: Your gut health plays an important role in the functioning of your endocrine system. Gut bacteria directly influence hormones such as estrogen, thyroid hormones, cortisol, and melatonin.
  • Energy: Good gut health is crucial in promoting the absorption of nutrients found in the food that you consume. When nutrients are efficiently absorbed, energy will be sufficiently generated and stored in your body, allowing you to function normally and get through your day.
  • Moods & Brain Health: Serotonin, the chemical that controls your mood as well as several functions in your brain, is directly influenced by your gut health. A significant portion of serotonin is produced in the gut, and any changes to serotonin levels will automatically have an impact on your mood.
  • Immunity: About 70% of your immune system is found in your gut! A healthy gut is a healthy immune system.