Lesson 3: How To Add Fermented Foods To Your Diet

How To Add Fermented Foods to your diet

  • Add some kimchi to your burritos
  • Add some kimchi to your sandwich
  • Add some probiotic yogurt OR kefir to your smoothies
  • Make your soups with fermented miso paste
  • Eat your sandwiches with some pickles
  • Add a fork of sauerkraut to your lunch wrap
  • Add some kimchi to your rice bowls
  • Top off your salads with fermented veggies
  • Instead of soda try a kombucha or Kevita drink
  • Wash everything down with a drink containing a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar

How To Shop For Fermented Foods

  • Always read the labels before buying. You’ll find a lot of information about the product this way. For example, when buying raw cheese, the label will tell you how long the cheese has been aged and whether the milk used was pasteurized. 
  • Go for products whose packaging indicated that they are fermented. Avoid canned and processed foods.
  • Some foods like fermented pickles are best bought fresh and natural-made, which means places like farmers markets are a great option if you are looking for good quality.
  • For yogurt, go for organic brands. Goat or sheep milk yogurt is better if you have trouble digesting cow’s milk. Whenever possible, grass-fed is best.