Lesson 6: How To Take Probiotics?

how to take probiotics?

What dosage to take

Probiotic strength is communicated in CFU or colony-forming units. Most clinical trials suggest 10-20 billion CFUs as a standard dose for probiotics. However, high dose products supplying 50 -100 billion CFUs are becoming more and more common. In my opinion, these high-dose probiotic supplements are best reserved for use in a clinical setting. Keep in mind, the higher the dose, the more side affects you can experience. Even at low doses, some people, especially if gut dysbiosis or SIBO is present, experience die-off symptoms from probiotics. I suggest you start low and slow!

The best time to take probiotics

There is much debate over the timing of probiotic supplementation. That is because research shows that taking with food or without food are both effective. I believe the quality of the probiotic supplement is more important than the timing. The product must survive the harsh environment of the GI tract and make it to the large intestine. Thus, in addition to CFU, you should pay attention to the science behind the product you are taking. Always check the product label for dosing instructions.