Month 9: Moods and Gut Health

mood and gut health

Moods Happen! 

We all feel sad, grumpy, or down at times. These feelings are often circumstantial based on what's happening in our lives. But what about those times where you feel depressed or sad for no clear reason? 

Gut-Brain Axis

You’ve likely heard that hormones, poor sleep, and sugar can affect moods, but did you know that your gut health also influences your moods? Think about it, when we feel excited or worried, we feel it in our gut, right? Because of the gut-brain axis, your emotional state and stress levels will affect your digestion. In the same way, an imbalanced gut will affect your moods. 

Your Brain and Your Gut Communicate

Our brains are connected to the gut by an extensive network of neurons, hormones and chemicals. This connection helps relay essential information on everything from how hungry we are to how healthy we are. 

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