Lesson 5: Life Tips For Good Gut Health

LifeStyle tips for good gut health

Sleep Well

Sleep disturbances have been shown to impact our gut microbes. This is because your gut also exhibits a sleep-wake cycle. Try improving your sleep quality by setting a regular bedtime routine with relaxation exercises, limiting caffeine after 3 pm and scheduling ‘worry time’ during your day to write down your thoughts and free up your headspace before bed.”

Manage Stress

As we already discussed, if you are stressed, that can affect how your gut functions. Mindfulness strategies such as yoga, micro meditations, and journaling can help calm the mind and ease stress. 

Exercise Regularly

We all know exercise is good for us - and our gut microbes’ benefit from it too. Exercise helps relieve constipation and increase the diversity of your gut microbes, which is linked to better overall health. Continued exercise is critical, so move your body regularly, getting your heart rate up for at least 30 mins most days.