Lesson 5: Frequency of Elimination

Frequency of elimination

Eliminating on a regular schedule is an indication of a healthy digestive system. Whenever you poop, it should also feel complete pooping at least once a day is a good sign. If you fail to poop at least once a day or poop less than 2-3 times a week, you may be constipated.

  • If you are constipated, increasing water intake, eating foods high in fiber and magnesium such as whole grains, fruits and vegetables may be beneficial. Many people finding juicing works wonders.
  • Magnesium is my go-to as it draws more water into the intestines, helping with bowel movements. It also softens the stool, helping you poop more regularly.
  • Flaxseed tea is another home remedy that many people find helpful.
  • If you have tried everything without success, ask your doctor to check your thyroid function.

Pooping 3 or more times a day could also be a sign of fiber deficiency. Fiber reduces the rate at which food passes through your intestines, allowing more precious nutrients to be absorbed by the body. Eating foods rich in fiber such as vegetables might help. Frequent bowel movements, especially right after eating could be a sign of a food intolerance.