Month 7: Detoxification For Gut Health

Detoxification for gut health

your gut affects your whole body

Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, said “All disease begins in the gut”. Keeping our gut healthy is one of the keys to true wellness. Your gut is connected to almost every organ and system you have. Therefore, your daily habits and choices greatly impact your gut health and body as a whole. Everything from sleep patterns, stress levels, diet and nutrition, and general activity will have some effect on gut health.

toxins mess with your gut microbiome

When it comes to creating a healthier gut ecosystem, detoxification plays a significant role. Your gut is teeming with bacteria. Your digestive system can’t function without them. There are both good bacteria and bad bacteria that co-exist in your gut. Exposure to toxins kills the good gut bacteria, allowing overgrowth of bad bacteria, causing dysbiosis.

your detox pathways need support

While your body naturally detoxifies itself, how well and efficiently it does this depends greatly on the level of toxins you are exposed to and how well your detox pathways are working.

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