Lesson 2: What About Canida and Sibo

what about canida and sibo?

It Depends...

  • Wild strains of bacteria found in fermented foods can make candida and SIBO worse.
  • However, carefully cultivated cultured foods made with starter cultures have shown to help battle candida in the gut. This is because they are packed with lactic acid bacteria that help control their overgrowth.
  • To avoid the wild strains of bacteria that can feed Candida, Donna Gates from Body Ecology recommends fermenting vegetables, coconut water, and dairy with a starter culture. A starter culture contains specific strains of helpful yeast and bacteria that safeguard against the growth of wild and potentially harmful microbes, which may grow without a starter culture.
  • When it comes to SIBO, the above applies, but start very slow and see how you react as SIBO can be tricky.