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Hypnotherapy is simple. It’s a state of being super relaxed, which allows you to tap into the parts of your mind where emotions, imagination, intuition, and dreams live. That’s it. Nothing creepy. No clucking.


Trauma and, more importantly, our response to trauma is really not something that we have much control over. Once a threat is sensed, our brains and bodies go into hyper overdrive to shut down all non-essential systems in an attempt to keep us alive in the most efficient way possible.

Essential Oils

Whether you’re new to essential oils or you are a long-time fan, Sunstone Health & Wellness provides quick and easy access to your favorite oils. While we have a limited selection of oils in the office, we also place biweekly orders so that you have a chance to order exactly what you need. As a distributor, we are able to obtain oils at a discount and pass that savings on to you!

Wellness Coaching

Wellness coaching gives you a personal support system to be able to reach your wellness goals. Whether your doctor has recommended that you make some changes or you just feel like it’s time, wellness coaching can provide gentle guidance and accountability to help you live the best life possible.


The decision to begin counseling can be intimidating, exhilarating; and, ultimately, a life changer.

If you’ve never been to counseling before, let us assure you that it’s nothing like they show in movies and on television.

Art Therapy

Sometimes we just don’t have the words to say what we want and need to say, which can make talk therapy difficult. Combining the creativity of art therapy with traditional therapy can give you an alternative to words to help you express thoughts, feelings, situations, and memories. Art and therapy can lead to a general overall feeling of relief and improved mental health.

Sunstone Health & Wellness grew out of a deep desire to offer alternative services, including hypnotherapy, EMDR, art therapy, somatic experiencing, and wellness coaching, while continuing to offer the same quality counseling that many have come to trust and rely on.

By focusing on the mind-body connection, and offering holistic mental health services, we create a deeper sense of healing for all.

We are now operating out of two convenient locations: in Greenwood and Indianapolis.