About Our Wellness Care Providers

About Sunstone Health & Wellness Wellness Care Providers

Our Philosophy

What matters to Sunstone Health & Wellness?

Love Yourself. Love Others.

You Have Options. Choose Wiseley.

Connect. Ask For Help. Help Others.

We Seek To:

Foster a supportive community of understanding that inspires people to create change.

Create a platform for education and offer a variety of healthy alternatives to the current way of life.

Empower and support all people to create change in their hearts, minds, bodies, and world.

Create awareness of and actively work to improve local and global health.

Wellness Care Providers

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” ~ Gandhi

(It sounds so cliché, doesn’t it?)

But, honestly, it has always been a guiding principle for my professional life. Anytime I have encountered a lack of services for a specific group of people on a particular topic, I have taken it as a hint from the Universe to expand. To grow. To create the resources that did not exist that people so desperately want and need.

Sunstone Health & Wellness is a direct response to a 2013 report in the Indianapolis Star that ranked Indiana as the 8th most overweight state in the United States.

How could I pretend not to see this? To pretend as if the people of my community, my state, my country, were not struggling?   To turn a blind eye to the reality that many people are just surviving, and not thriving?

That’s not my style.  I want people to opt in to all things at the highest level possible.

Something has to change. We have to change.

My intense love for my work as a therapist, combined with my personal gravitation to all things fresh and healthy, has been the foundation for Sunstone Health & Wellness. I delight in being able to offer people innovative, cutting edge strategies for creating healthy, sustainable change.

Our Wellness Care Providers are focused on all aspects of health–physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.  With offices in both Greenwood and Indianapolis, we offer convenient locations regardless of where you are in the city.

At Sunstone, we truly love people and respect the journey to living your best life possible.  As Wellness Care Providers, we want to see you grow to live a life of health and vitality.  Health for your heart, mind, body, and world at Sunstone.