Lesson 1: What’s Your Family’s Toxic Load

what's your family's toxic load

We are all exposed to toxins daily, though the level of toxins your family is exposed to will depend on several factors, including:

  • Your diet & lifestyle
  • The source of water in your home
  • The household and personal care products you use
    The air quality in your home
  • Mold control in the home
  • The number of Wi-Fi devices you have, where they are located and how often you use them
  • The structure of your home (paint, building materials, etc.)
  • The furniture in your home

What The Experts Say

While toxins affect us all, children are particularly vulnerable. Early childhood exposure to high levels of chemicals can cause low IQ, decreased brain development, impaired immunity, and increase cancer risks later in life.  Sadly, exposure to toxins started before your child was born! While you cannot change that fact, there are several simple yet effective methods that you can take advantage of right now to reduce further exposure.