Lesson 3: How to Make Healthier Choices

How to make healthier choices

#1 watch out for unhealthy fats

  • Try baking, broiling, or boiling foods instead of frying.
  • Use non industrialized cooking oils such as olive or avocado oil. Avoid vegetable oil.
  • Skip on the microwave popcorn.
  • Reduce your family’s intake of fast food and commercial bakery items.
  • Read labels and avoid foods with trans fat.

#2 Swap out sugary foods with naturally sweet foods

  • Serve fruit instead of cookies or ice cream for dessert.
  • Eat fresh fruit instead of canned.
  • Avoid commercial juices.
  • Use raw honey or real maple syrup instead of refined sugar.
  • Use vanilla, cinnamon, or nutmeg to add flavor when sugar is reduced.

#3 Snack on real food

  • Put sliced apples, berries, or bananas on top of low-sugar yogurt.
  • Put mashed avocado or hummus on whole-grain toast.
  • Make a sandwich with hummus, lettuce, tomato, and cucumber.
  • Make power smoothies with real fruit, veggies, yogurt and ice.
  • Eat tuna or sardines on whole-grain crackers.

#4 Have a plan when ordering out

  • When in a hurry, order from the deli at your local market vs. a fast food chain.
  • When on the go, find a deli instead of hitting the drive through.
  • Eat at your local juice or salad bar.
  • Choose foods that are steamed, broiled, baked, roasted, poached, or lightly sautéed or stir-fried.
  • Choose low-sugar salad dressings and ask for the dressing on the side.
  • Pass on the sugary drinks and ask for water.