Lesson 3: How Hormones Cause Stress

How hormones cause stress

Too Much estrogen

Mood swings, weight gain, and heavy bleeding are often a result of estrogen dominance, which is a common situation where you have way more estrogen than progesterone in your body. One of the consequences of estrogen dominance is low resilience to stress. Correcting estrogen dominance will result in better hormonal balance, which will in turn may help reduce feelings of stress.

Too Little Progesterone

Progesterone is responsible for improving cognitive function and helping in the synthesis of GABA, a chemical produced in the brain that helps to relax and calm you. Therefore, too little progesterone means too little GABA will be produced. And when you can’t naturally relax or keep yourself calm, that’s when stress creeps in. Therefore, fixing progesterone production problems will result in more progesterone production, more GABA production, and less stress.

Insulin and Blood Sugar Imbalance

You can throw your insulin out of balance by eating too many sugary foods, including processed carbs. When this happens, your mood will also go out of whack. This explains why when some people eat too much sugary foods, or go too long without eating, they become irritable, and stressed.