Month 2: Sugar and Hormone Health

Sugar and hormone health


Today, we will be talking about a major roadblock keeping you from feeling your best – sugar! So, grab a notebook and pen for taking notes and let’s dive in.

Did you know?

While sugar is delicious, sugar is a disaster for your hormone health. When I work with clients, it doesn’t matter if we are working on weight loss, fertility, or PMS, the first thing we focus on is stabilizing blood sugar. Too much sugar can lead to rapid weight gain, insulin resistance, and mood imbalances. Sugar also adversely affects the body’s endocrine system (aka. hormone system), which is responsible for creating and regulating your hormones.

It's not just about table sugar

 Of course, when I say sugar, I am not only referring to table sugar. In essence, it's table sugar, brown sugar, coconut sugar, white carbs (i.e., bread, pasta, bagels), agave, maple syrup, honey and so forth.  Sugar is marketed 101 ways today, and many sugar 'alternatives' are only marginally healthier than table sugar.

 Processed sugars, whether natural or not have an adverse effect on your blood sugar and in turn mess with your hormone balance. It's not that I eliminate, or expect you to eliminate, all sweeteners. But you should understand there is a difference between foods, which should be daily staples and those which should be occasional indulgences.

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