Lesson 4: Why Are So Many Women Getting Thyroid Disease? Pt. 1

Why are so many women getting thyroid disease? pt. 1


Without even realizing it, we are exposed to thousands of toxins every single day. They are hidden in our cleaning products, fragrances, and even the foods we eat. Of course, there are also the obvious ones, such as air pollution. These toxins can interfere with thyroid hormone production at various levels. Some toxins affect the liver and therefore impact the liver’s ability to metabolize thyroid hormones. Others directly affect the thyroid gland or its hormones.

 By encountering so many of these toxins daily, our bodies have a hard time detoxifying them fast enough. Over time, these damaging effects add up and can have serious impacts on our health and thyroid hormones. Try to switch out some of your cleaning products for clean, toxin-free alternatives over time, eat as organic as you can, and replace toxic fragrances and cosmetics with natural ones.

Nutrient Insufficiencies

Nutrient deficiencies rarely go undiagnosed because they cause severe and specific symptoms. However, many of us have vitamin and/or mineral insufficiencies, which means we aren’t getting an adequate amount to be healthy, but we still have enough to avoid any serious problems. Iron, vitamin D, iodine, zinc, and selenium are all important micronutrients for thyroid health, and many women have insufficiencies in at least one of them.

We're Constantly Stressed

Your thyroid gland is strongly affected by stress levels. So many of us are feeling overly stressed way too often. This chronic stress is causing us way more damage than to just our thyroid, but it could be a cause of your thyroid disease. When we feel stressed, the adrenal glands release cortisol—our stress hormone. When cortisol is continuously released, it inhibits the production of thyroid hormones and we get hypothyroidism.

By finding ways to destress, such as exercise, meditation, or practicing self-care, you may significantly improve your thyroid health and will see a dramatic improvement in your overall well-being as well. Start prioritizing yourself and treat your downtime with as much importance as a work meeting or commitment with a friend. You owe it to yourself!