Lesson 4: Gut Health

gut health

digestive issues are 6-8 times more common in children on the spectrum

Healthy gut function is crucial for children with an autism spectrum disorder. The gut microbiome can be negatively affected by the standard low-fiber, high carb diet that kids with autism spectrum disorder favor. Studies show digestive symptoms such as bloating, constipation, gas, and discomfort are 6-8 times more common in children on the spectrum compared to other kids. Leaky gut is also linked to autism as it is far more common in children with ASD. The evidence is clear that gut health plays a significant role in many childhood conditions on the rise in our culture today.  

things that damage the gut

  • Birth and Early Diet: Children born via C-section do not get the beneficial bacteria from the birth canal that becomes part of their microbiome for life. Bottle-fed infants do not receive the transfer of antibodies from their mother. These are two major influencers when it comes to our kid's microbiome. 
  • Antibiotics: Disrupt the gut microbiome and immune function.
  • Diet: Sugar, processed foods, food additives, chemicals, pesticides, and low nutrient intake.
  • Diminished microbiome: Kids do not play outdoors enough and get in the dirt.
  • Stress: Our kids are under massive amounts of pressure these days!
  • Toxins: Kids have been exposed to toxins invitro before they are even born.

gFCF probiotics for kids on the spectrum

To supplement your child’s gut healthy diet, here are two GFCF kid’s probiotics I like:

  • KidzProbio Once-A-Day
  • Culturelle for Kids