Lesson 3: Where to Shop

where to shop

Stay out of expensive specialty stores

  • Farmer’s markets
  • Local co-ops
  • Federal food distribution *check for your local distribution drop off location
  • Your local grocery store *look for coupons and specials online
  • Vitacost (online)
  • Thrive Market (online)
  • Brandless (online)
  • Amazon (online)

when meal planning try to batch cook

As a busy working parent, batch-cooking has been a saving grace for my family and me.  Since I work, I am not able to cook every day, so on the weekends, and on nights I am available, I batch-cook. The idea with batch cooking is to double or triple your recipe and store the leftovers for another day.  You don't need to make a whole meal either; you can prepare parts of it, like a batch of quinoa, baked sweet potatoes, potato salad, or steamed broccoli. The best part is it saves you time from doing more cooking and washing dishes later in the week! The key to successful batch cooking is meal planning. Plan how you will store your food, when you will shop and what day you will set aside to prepare your meals.