Lesson 3: Take the Struggle out of Mealtime

take the struggle out of mealtime

5 strategies for picky eaters

  • Divide your responsibilities. Let your job as the parent be to provide healthy food. Let your child decide if they want to eat it and how much they want to eat. This will give them a sense of responsibility and independence about their diet. 
  • Don’t pressure your child to eat all their food. Forcing a child to finish their meal or eat in a certain way will only be counterproductive in the long run. Instead, aim to create a happy environment around food where they have a certain level of freedom when it comes to their own diets. When they are hungry – they’ll eventually eat!
  • Keep putting the foods they are picky about over and over in front of them, even if they do not eat it the first time. This is a long-term strategy, so start with tiny portions and work your way up to normal servings. 
  • Make sure you and the rest of the family model good behaviors around food. For example, eat together as a family whenever possible and let everyone decide what they want to put on their plates. 
  • Get your children involved in food preparation. This includes buying groceries, cooking, and coming up with meal ideas. This will create a healthier relationship with food.