Lesson 3: Sensory Processing Challenges

sensory processing challenges

sensory processing and diet

Many kids on the spectrum have sensory processing challenges. These kids have issues with certain food textures, lumpy foods, foods mixed together, strong smells, and hot or cold foods. These sensory feeding difficulties are often combined with other sensory struggles. 

Try this...

  • Do not begin modifying your child’s diet unless you’re ready and able to follow through
  • Consistency is the key
  • Begin by only introducing 1-2 new foods per week
  • Begin with textures and flavors that your child is familiar with
  • Offer only a small amount of the new food by itself on the plate
  • Only require your child to simply taste it in the beginning
  • Use your child’s favorite dips, sauces, or other condiments to encourage them to try it
  • Immediately follow a bite with a highly preferred food (you know…eat this and then you get that!)