Lesson 4: Makeover Your Medicine Cabinet

Makeover your medicine cabinet

If you want your family to make a transition towards living a healthier life, giving your medicine cabinet a makeover is your next step. What if, rather than reaching for an over the counter pain medicine for your next headache, you reached for a Peppermint Oil instead?

Essential oils don't have side-effects the way synthetic medications do and can be just as useful for minor ailments. These ten oils helped me and my family live a more holistic lifestyle. These ten oils will surely makeover your medicine cabinet, as they cover almost every minor aliment most families experience.

purchase only quality oils

Before using essential oils with your family, you must know the oils you are using are pure and high-quality. There are many adulterated oils on the market today, so purchase from a reputable company and make sure you are buying real essential oils and not fragrance oil. Essential oils from nature have the Latin or botanical name on the bottle to identify the source.