Lesson 4: How to Solve your Child’s Poop Problems

how to solve your child's poop problems

what should healthy poop look like?

Your child’s poop can give you massive insight into the state of their digestion and overall health. I suggest you compare your child’s poop to the Bristol Stool Chart. 

The Bristol Stool Chart was created in the United Kingdom by a group of
gastroenterologists at the University of Bristol. 

Check it out here!

if your child is constipated

  • Boost your child’s water intake
  • Increase dietary fiber with foods such as butternut squash, pears, and flaxseeds 
  • Limit sugar and processed foods
  • Encourage physical activity (this is key)
  • Keep the gut microbiome in check with a high-quality probiotic (gut dysbiosis is a leading cause of constipation) 
  • Make your child fresh pear, apple and carrot juice
  • Consider a chewable food enzyme
  • Ask your doctor about magnesium before bedtime

if your child has loose stools

  • Could it be parasites? I love a formula by Tri-Light Health called Worm Out
  • Include a high-quality probiotic
  • Consider a chewable digestive enzyme
  • Increase dietary fiber
  • Limit sugar and processed foods
  • Identify food intolerances
  • Ask your doctor about gut infections
  • Assess your child’s stress levels