Lesson 3: How to Keep a Food, Mood and Poop Journal

how to track your child's food, mood, and poop

The purpose of tracking your child’s food, mood, and poop is to use the information to make connections between your child’s food and their mood. I understand this process can be tiring but the results are worth it. To get started, print 7 copies of the Food and Mood Journal and use one per day. 

tips for Success:

  • Write EVERYTHING you child eats down in your journal. Even the smallest thing/ingredient could be the key to finding the foods that affect your child’s mood.
  • Don’t have time to write it down? Take a picture and write it down later. 
  • Take a picture of labels and then just write down the ingredients. 
  • Track supplements too.
  • Tracking moods is key!
  • Don’t forget to review the journal! 
  • Take your child’s journal to your doctor visits. 
  • Remember, this tool is not to judge, but to observe and make connections.