Lesson 2: Will Eating a Whole Foods Diet Raise my Families Food Costs?

will eating a whole foods diet raise my families food costs?

Studies say no...

Many people believe feeding their family a whole foods diet will raise their already taxing food costs. Here’s the good news! Studies comparing healthy and convince food diets showed the average food costs for a healthy diet accounted for 18% of annual household income, and convenience food diets accounted for 37% of household income. The price per calorie of a convenience foods diet was 24% higher than the healthy diet! Diets based heavily on foods from convenient sources are more expensive than a well-planned and budgeted healthy menu.

budgeting requires change

The secret to budgeting for a whole foods diet is to change your family’s habits surrounding meals. If you continue to purchase convenience foods, eat out regularly, and hit the drive-through along with purchasing whole foods; your food costs will go up.