Lesson 1: What is Meant by the Term “Whole Foods”

what is meant by the term "whole foods"

Whole foods are real foods

They are foods that come from a plant or an animal. Whole foods do not have unhealthy ingredients such as refined sugar, trans-fats, additives, chemicals and food coloring. 

why eat a whole foods diet? chronic illness in children is on the rise.

Most kids today eat a diet unusually high in calories, sugar, and processed ingredients that do not provide much nutritional value. This may be okay as an occasional indulgence, such as at a birthday party or other event. But if processed foods are the primary staple in your child's diet, their health will suffer. Recent studies show 43% of children in the U.S. have a chronic illness with the top five being allergies, type 1 diabetes, neurodevelopmental illness, celiac disease, and inflammatory bowel disease. The inconvenient truth is the rise in these disorders correlates with the expansion of industrialized and processed foods.