Lesson 1: Things that Weaken Immunity

Things that weaken immunity


According to several studies, high sugar intake can suppress the immune system by around 45% for almost 5 hours.

A child that regularly consumes sugar will have a lower chance of successfully fighting off potential infections, so they are more likely to get sick.


Stress has an evident negative impact on the quality of life of anyone who has it, including children. It can also significantly weaken the immune system.

When we are stressed, we produce more cortisol. This is why it is called the stress hormone. Cortisol puts the body on edge and prepares it for fight or flight.

Low vitamin d

  • Plays an important role in a lot of physiological processes in the body. This included bone development, bone growth, hormonal balance, and immune function.
  • Is an immune modulator
  • Strengthens the body’s first line of defense against microorganisms.

If levels are low, your immune system suffers greatly, and you are more likely to get sick and take longer to get back on your feet.


  • The toxins we get exposed to on a daily basis also affect our immunity.
  • It is impossible to completely avoid toxins in your day to day life, the food you eat, the body care products you use, your home furniture, and so on will determine the amount of toxins that make it into your body.
  • The negative effects of toxins are compounded when it comes to kids. They not only physiologically harm the body, but also weaken their immune systems and make them more susceptible to opportunistic diseases.

Not enough outdoor play

  • •The more time kids spend indoors, the less vitamin D they get, and the weaker their immune systems will be.
  • Outdoors is loaded with microorganisms. The immune system develops by being exposed to a wide variety of microorganisms and learning how to identify and deal with them.
  • Since a child’s immune system isn’t mature yet, it needs this exposure to build up its database and to learn how to identify the good microbes and the bad ones.