Lesson 2: How to Practice Self-Care and Have a Healthy Mindset Pt. 2

How to practice self-care and have a healthy mindset (cont.)


  • It helps to relax and calm you, reducing stress
  • It leads to better sleep
  • It stimulates the lymphatic system and detoxifies the body
  • It eases bowel movements and improves digestion
  • It lowers blood pressure and increases energy


  • It is a great stress reliever
  • It helps improve sleep
  • It reduces inflammation in the body
  • It is a great tool for controlling anxiety and helping with panic attacks
  • It leads to better awareness of the self, which leads to kindness and forgiveness

Graduating Journaling

  • It calms the nervous system
  • It helps to rebalance the endocrine system
  • It helps to reduce the stress that comes with focusing on things beyond our control by realigning our attention to things that we have
  • It helps you gain perspective on what is important in your life and what you truly appreciate
  • It helps you gain clarity on what you want more of in life and what you can do away with

Learn to say no and set healthy boundaries

  • It cultivates self-love and self-respect
  • It builds confidence and earns you respect
  • It frees up time for you to relax and care for yourself
  • It eliminates the resentment and regret that comes with saying yes to things that infringe your boundaries
  • It leaves you with more energy to focus on things that you actually care about