Lesson 2: How Thyroid Problems Affect Women

How thyroid problems affect women

Affects nearly every cell in your body

The thyroid affects multiple organs and pathways in the body. Thyroid disease has a huge effect on energy levels, and as a result, your libido is affected as well. When you’re running on low energy levels, you won’t be in the mood for much. Thyroid hormones affect the pathways of other hormones so thyroid disease can create other hormonal imbalances.


If you have an autoimmune thyroid condition (Hashimoto’s and Graves), there is an increased risk that your immune cells will begin to attack other tissues in your body, and you may develop another autoimmune disease. Living with thyroid disease can significantly impact a woman’s self-confidence, energy levels, work performance, and even relationships.


 The constant struggle to treat the symptoms, such as weight gain and fatigue, without getting any lasting improvements can take a toll on your mental health. Therefore, getting diagnosed and starting treatment can completely change your life.