Lesson 5: Being Mindful of Hidden Sources of Sugar

Being mindful of hidden sources of sugar

Hidden Sources of Sugar

#1 Beverages

Blended juices, soft drinks, coffee and tea almost always contain added sugar. Even the juices that claim to be ‘organic’ have added sugar that can affect your well-being.

#2 Bread

All packaged breads, including the whole wheat types, are all sources of sugar.

#3 Cereals

Flavored oatmeal, other types of hot cereals, in addition to cold cereals usually contain sugar.

#4 Dried Fruits

Dried fruit is very high in sugar.

#5 Granola Bars

Granola bars and other similar snacks also possess sugar, especially if they include raisins or other dried fruit pieces.

#6 Pancakes

Pancakes and frozen waffles all have sugar.

#7 Protein Bars

If you think protein bars and meal replacements are healthy, think again. They usually contain quite a bit of sugar.

#8 Restaurant Food

The rich, delicious flavor of the mouthwatering desserts at the restaurants is often enhanced by the sugary sauces on their entrees.

#9 Sauces and Dressings

Most condiments and marinades, in addition to the dressings and bottled sauces, contain sugar.

#10 Sweetened Dairy/Non-Dairy Products

Your favorite frozen yogurt, flavored kefir, and other milk or milk alternatives are often sweetened and have a high sugar content.