Month 5: Stress and Hormone Health

Stress and hormone health


Today, we will be talking about how hormone imbalance can trigger stress. If you’ve been feeling stressed and can’t figure out why – could it be your hormones?  Grab a notebook and pen for taking notes and let’s dive in.

Did you know?

Stress and anxiety have become increasingly common experiences for a lot of us these days. This may sound surprising, but studies have shown that almost 70% of adults in the US feel stressed or anxious on a daily basis. It is normal to feel stressed or anxious from time to time. However, when stress is a regular occurrence, it could be an indicator of a deeper underlying issue.

What's triggering your stress?

Stress is any demand that is placed on your brain or on your body. For example, you may feel stressed when you have multiple competing demands at the same time. Alternatively, your stress might be triggered by an event that makes you frustrated or nervous.

Is your stress hormone related?

If you often feel stressed even when there is nothing much to worry about, if you are relatively calm some weeks and cripplingly stressed during other weeks, or if you have noticed that your anxiety heightens as you approach menstruation, your hormones could be to blame. The body’s hormonal levels fluctuate constantly. This natural fluctuation has a massive impact on all the body’s processes, including its susceptibility to stress.

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